MoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan

MoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan

MoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from JapanMoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A is an amazing toaster oven with a black window on the black box. You should know that two-stage vertical type oven doesn’t need much space to be installed. It comes with 4 level of heater and you can toast 2 slices simultaneously. Using the dial, you are able to choose one slice or two slices. MoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A supports AC100V as it is a Japanese model. The unit measures 9 by 10 by 12.5 inches and weighs 7 pounds. Read more…

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One thought on “MoMA MUJI Toaster Oven Vertical Type MJ-OTL10A from Japan

  1. Ann Geddes

    I purchased the Muji toaster oven a little over a year ago. We use it to make toast in the mornings and occasionally re-heat slices of pizza or left overs. I do NOT recommend it. Sadly the visual design is not supported by its functional components.

    The toaster oven has little to no insulation. After a week of uses the wall behind it was scorched. Around the vents on the toaster oven is brown discoloration that look like smoke staining. This might actually be a fire hazard!

    While there is a nice pull out crumb tray unfortunately the shelves do not come out which means I can’t get my hand inside to clean the walls or frame. After a year of use there are so many crumbs and pizza sauce splashes that they catch on fire whenever we use the toaster oven. I did rig up something like a large q-tip to clean with some success.

    The toaster function does not work. The heating elements above each of the 2-shelves are exposed while the elements below each shelf have a metal shield over them. Because of this, the top of a slice of bread toasts while the bottom does not. If I want evenly toasted bread I must turn the slices over mid-toasting. This is inconvenient not to mention annoying for a $100+ dollar toaster oven. My much cheaper & smaller, ancient Cuisinart toaster oven worked better than this.


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