• Stanco 5556 4 Pack Universal Electric Range Chrome Reflector Drip Bowl

    The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Drip Bowls is one of the electric ranges you ought to consider. It accompanies a Heating Element on the marker to shield your relatives from consuming themselves on a hot surface. This unit additionally offers a fundamental, simple to-utilize structure.


    The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls is outfitted with one 8-inch burner that puts out 2100 watts of capacity to assist you with warming a large stockpot of soup for your family supper. In any case, it is likewise furnished with three 6-inch burners. The 6-inch burners put out 1250 watts of intensity, which is sufficient to stew sauces in minutes and cook a dish of little things.

    This electric range likewise has an oven component that is incredible to use for searing delicious steaks or fish. You can likewise utilize the grill for making delectable sweets, for example, S’mores. On the off chance that you are searching for a brisk method to dark-colored nourishment things, setting them under the oven for a couple of moments will carry out the responsibility very well.

    Stanco 5556 4 Pack Universal Electric Range Chrome Reflector Drip Bowl
    Fits most plug-in electric ranges * Fits most Amana, Crosley, Frigidaire, Maytag, Whirlpool plus GE/Hotpoint made prior to 1990


    The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Drip Bowls accompanies two broiler racks that you can use in two unique positions. In the event that you need more space to suit a larger dinner, essentially evacuate the top rack.

    In circumstances when you have turned on the stove to pre-heat it and have gotten occupied with other kitchen errands and missed the discernible pre-heat blare that shows your broiler has arrived at the ideal temperature, this model likewise accompanies a pre-warmed marker light.

    For your benefit, this electric stove accompanies removable handles. By expelling the handles, you can clean the whole stove board a lot simpler than if you needed to scour around and behind every handle. This will spare you time and real effort.

    The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Drip Bowls accompanies a one-year guarantee on the two sections and work. This is standard in the business. Hotpoint additionally has a total rundown of FAQs on its site that should address the vast majority of your inquiries.

    The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls is a fundamental unit that will assist you with cooking incredible suppers for your family.


    • The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls pre-heat alert.


    • The Stanco 4 Pack Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls has no timer.


  • How To Keep Your Kitchen Appliances Safe And Clean?

    The kitchen is part of the home which works as a café, bakery and what not where everyone can get what they crave to eat. Although it is very significant but risky as well concerning the tricky appliances and electronics we have in there. There are several appliances we have in the kitchen which are part of our daily use. Cleaning them regularly is quite important to ensure their long-lasting performances. Because of the untidy and unsafe use of appliances, allergy issues can occur which may result in the fatalities. So, due to such reasons, it’s necessary to clean and sanitize the kitchen to decrease the risk of un-sanitization. 

    safe kitchen appliance

    Sometimes, it’s common in homes to keep the dog bowl inside the kitchens and to allow them to eat there, which is also not a good practice. The place for kids and pets is not inside the kitchen. So, to keep the kitchen clean and safe one should let their pets eat in their crates. Usually pets with any kind of infections when enters into the kitchen often touch several pots, shelves, etc. which transfers the germs or infections that can cause serious infections in the individuals. There are several infections in pets which are dangerous for the human beings and contagious as well, but one of the many viruses the Coronavirus in pets is not a contagious disease which cannot be transferred from pets to the human beings. But still one should keep themselves and the cooking places safe by not allowing pets to go inside the kitchens to avoid any unavoidable situations. 

    Read the instructions given on the appliances

    There are always different appliances and gadgets placed in the kitchens. The important thing to do is to read the instruction and safety rules attached to them provided by the industrialist while placing such appliances in the kitchen and should follow them deliberately. Never clean the electrical appliances with water. They can cause severe electric shock. After cleaning the electrical equipment let them dry for some time before switching them on.

    Use the blenders and food processors smartly

    A lot much attention is required while dealing with sharp blenders, food processors, etc. Their blades are sharp enough and can cause serious cuts and damages. Always try to clean stuck food on the blades with the brush. And while cleaning the blades must unplug the appliance to avoid any serious damage. Never use your hand when the beater’s blades are tapping with each other it can cut the finger so deeply and can cause serious injury.     

    Use fire extinguisher

    kitchen safety

    The fire extinguisher is one of the very important components which needs to be there in the kitchen and the one should know how to operate them. It’s not necessary to use the fire extinguisher every time. There are several kinds of fires that need to be managed differently. Like the fire which occurs due to the electrical appliances can never be controlled through the water so fire extinguisher and the baking soda can be best suitable to extinguish it. Whenever someone needs to manage the flames of the microwave one should unplug the appliance first and do not open the door. The start one flames need to be managed through the fire extinguisher or with the baking soda. No doubt, that the fire takes seconds to spread so one should be so focused to control it timely. 

    Try to clean with care

    Both the cleaning and sanitizing are important but they are equally different from each other. In cleaning, it’s good to clean the visible food particles. Try to clean the utensils and pots appropriately. Whereas sanitization will be good enough to stop growing the microorganisms on the kitchen shelves and utensils as well. Several disinfectants can be used. 

    The slicers are always difficult to clean in the kitchen’s appliances. And it becomes more difficult when it comes to clean the small particles stocked at the complicated points in them like meat particles. Such apparatus needs to be cleaned with attention and focus. But still, the instructions given on them should be followed while cleaning. 


    No doubt, cleaning the kitchen appliances is a difficult task to do and needs a lot much attention. Any single mistake while managing and cleaning the kitchen can cause disaster. Everyone should let their children understand the rules to come to the kitchen and how they can save themselves from any unavoidable situations. One should take the proper precautionary measures while handling the kitchen’s appliances as well as while handling any toxic disinfectants. There is no more important than the lives of oneself so one should be responsible enough to manage the kitchen properly for cleaning and safety purposes by keeping oneself safe and sound too.

  • Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack with Food Safe Removable Wood Cutting Board – Chrome

    The Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack is the best rack that will provide heavy-duty storage and enough working space. This rack has a wooden removable shelf that you can use to chop or butch your food product. This supreme baker’s rack is designed and manufactured by Whitmor and can be shipped within and outside the US.


    The Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack could also be a real household brand for kitchen storage solutions. This contemporary design tops our list of best racks thanks to the Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack that makes you eligible at no cost of charge refills for up to 5 years. Yes, this means that this Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack with spices has 20 pre-filled jars of the foremost common spices.

    This Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack is created of stainless-steel designed to be placed on display on the kitchen countertop. Each jar features a labeled cap covering a removable sifter top. Take exact measurements of the space. Use these dimensions in conjunction with what percentage bottles and jars you’ve then calculated what size and magnificence you’d like and want.

    Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack with Food Safe Removable Wood Cutting Board - Chrome
    Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack with Food Safe Removable Wood Cutting Board – Chrome

    If you’ve limited space, believe getting a tiered rack or one of the spice racks for cabinets. This makes better use of otherwise lost space. The best design for a cabinet is that the turntable or spice racks for cabinets with shelving. These designs keep order inside your clique and make use of the height within the cupboards, too.

    The Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack for a drawer is basically a simple drawer liner that forestalls the jars from rolling around. You’ll also use a tiered style but this restricts the number of jars you will have because drawers are shallow. For a wall-mounted version, we prefer net design because they need minimal cleaning and maintenance.

    Countertop designs should be pretty to appear at easy to maneuver around. Choose a rotating model with a carrying handle at the best so you’ll place it elsewhere once you would like more countertop space for cooking.

    Finally, consider a design with the jars already included for the more professional home cooks. This permits for more efficient cooking and better control of your seasoning since each jar has an identical style of opening.

    Key Features

    • Storage: Magnetic rack
    • Dimension: 14 x 36.2 x 55.2 inches
    • Shipping weight: 14 pounds
    • Jars supported: Approx. 8 jars
    • Material: Metal


    • Unique design
    • It can within stand heavy load.
    • Easy to set-up


    • The size consume room space


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