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Some Facts on 1.0 Cu. Ft. Microwave Ovens

On BakingReview.com website, I tried listing microwave ovens based on the interior size. So, previously, I wrote on 0.9 cu. ft. microwaves. Now I will know about 1.0 cu. ft. microwave ovens.

I realized that 1.0 cu. ft. microwave ovens are less popular than 0.9 cu. ft. and 0.7 cu. ft. microwave ovens. One thing more, most of the 0.9 cu. ft. microwaves are countertop units but 1.0 cu. ft. microwaves come with varied installation methods.

In case, you want to buy a 1.0 cu. ft. microwave, you can check with Daewoo, Bella and Cuisinart. These are the famous brand names to manufacture 1.0 cubic foot microwave ovens.

Since they are not as popular as 0.9 cu. ft. microwaves, please try to guess the reasons. What I guess is that their dimensions are not suitable for most kitchens.
Look, color and design – these midsized microwave ovens are available in different colors. But, most of the microwaves are in either black or white color. From outside, they look normal, neither too bad nor too good.

Exterior – mainly, they are made of stainless steel material. And, I guess most of the microwaves are made of stainless steel materials. Well, a microwave oven in stainless steel finish looks impressive. Also, stainless steel material is easy to clean.

Cooking wattage – in general, 1.0 cu. ft. microwave ovens have 900-watt cooking power. Some may have 1000-watt cooking power as well; it depends. Either 900 or 1000-watt cooking power is sufficient to cook food effortlessly. With the amount of cooking heat, you will be able to prepare a wide range of meals.

In case, you want to buy a 1.0 cu. ft. microwave oven, please check the microwave ovens below. They are from trusted brands; I am sure you will like one of them. Where can I buy one? Well, to buy one, please visit Amazon.com because it is a trusted selling platform. It lists a wide range of products and has many helpful stuffs for the buyers.