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Breville Microwave Ovens can be purchased from popular shopping websites including,,, and many other top shopping websites. I will recommend reading reviews on that is dedicated to provide product information and product reviews. If you are looking for a high quality Breville microwave oven then you can check Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven that has 1800-Watt cooking power and it is the best convection toaster oven that comes with Element IQ.

If you are looking for a feature-rich Breville microwave oven, you can check Breville RM-BOV650XL. It is made in a compact size and it is a perfect 4-slice smart oven with Element IQ. Since the microwave oven is based on Element IQ technology so it greatly manages the power of 4 individual quarts heating elements for even and fast cooking. This smart oven by Breville is highly rated on many shopping websites including,, and

  • Breville RM-BMO734XL Microwave Oven, Silver

    Breville RM-BMO734XL Microwave Oven, SilverBreville RM-BMO734XL Microwave Oven uses an advanced technology so that you don’t have to use the guesswork in any sort of cooking process. Whether you want to reheat, defrost or cook several meals, Breville RM-BMO734XL microwave is perfect for many cooking tasks.

    Since it uses an advanced technology so it automatically senses humidity coming from food calculating the right cook time and power to cook foods without drying out your foods.

    Some important features are one-touch cooking, +30 second instant start button, sensor IQ reheat and cook, 10 power levels for all your cooking convenience.

    Product dimensions are 20.5 x 18 x 12.5 inches and it weighs 35.2 pounds. Breville RM-BMO734XL advanced microwave oven comes with 1100 watts of cooking power that is impressive cooking power to cook a wide range of meals.

    Further, the internal cooking space is 1.2 cu. ft. to accommodate multiple dishes and other larger cooking items. Moreover, you are going to buy a kitchen appliance from the Breville brand that is really very popular for its outstanding quality and product design. Read more…

  • The Breville Quick Touch Crisp, BMO700BSS

    The Breville Quick Touch Crisp, BMO700BSSThe Breville BMO700BSS Quick Touch Crisp microwave oven comes with good automatic settings capability so you don’t have to use the guesswork. Of course, it is very simple to operate this Breville microwave, because it knows the right power level and time to suit the food that you are cooking.

    The Breville BMO700BSS Quick Touch Crisp Microwave is an inverter microwave with shortcuts and crisper pan. It is really very easy to use microwave with smart settings that know the right power level and time to suit what you are cooking and switch to grill when it is required. It comes with built-in crisper pan that efficiently browns and crisps food for better flavor and texture. If you are looking to buy a high quality and top brand crisp microwave oven, then this unit can be considered as well.

    The Breville BMO700BSS Quick Touch Crisp Microwave comes with smart settings. It has smart cook/grill, reheat and defrost settings letting you select common foods and it automatically adjusts the power levels when needed. It has a good grill function that is 1000W grill element that browns and crisps food for extra flavor and texture. Further, it comes with built-in pre-heat pan function that ensures food is browned very quickly and evenly. If you want to buy this product now, please check with that has a wide range of kitchen appliances with unbiased reviews, ratings and other useful information.

    • Inverter technology
    • 8 shortcut functions
    • 1-touch auto function
    • Nonstick crisper pan
    • Manual power and timer
    • Polished stainless steel interior
    • 900W microwave power
    • Kitchen timer
    • Clock setting
    • Child lock

    Using the smart button, you will be able to select most commonly used food types to cook, reheat and defrost. This is really good thing that the time and power levels are automatically determined for the best results.

    Breville BMO700BSS comes with short-cut panel on the inside door that makes the microwave very easy to use. Further, it features sensor IQ cook and reheat that automatically measures the humidity released from food and calculates the cook time. Using the one-touch button, you can reach your favorite setting and commonly used tasks like melting chocolate, softening butter and reheating beverages. Read more…

  • Breville Quick Touch Intuitive Microwave w/ Smart Settings – BMO734XL

    Breville Quick Touch, BMO734XLBreville Quick Touch BMO734XL microwave oven carries an easy-to-use design. It uses an advanced technology with varieties of power levels time adjustment capability to cook desired foods.

    It has advanced settings that don’t require guess work. Also, it comes with brushed stainless steel door that hides easy to use shortcut menu and includes a self-locating turntable.

    Further, Breville BMO734XL comes with Sensor IQ that is very helpful to detect humidity and calculate time accordingly.

    It has My Favorite feature that lets you program your preferred setting, Time Defrost automatically sets defrosting power level once time is entered.

    Also, the one-touch auto buttons are pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks.

    This Breville BMO734XL microwave oven comes with a kitchen timer along with clock display and unit weight conversion. Read more…

    Important Features

    • 5 x 18 x 12.5 inches product dimension
    • 2 pounds item weight
    • Shortcut panel on the inside door
    • 30-second instant start
    • Sensor IQ
    • One-touch auto button
    • Child lock feature
    • Smart menu to save time
    • Quick Touch Crisp button
    • BMO734XL model number
    • Stainless steel exterior
    • Breville brand
    • Smart defrost

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