Best 5 Kitchen Towel Reviews – Utopia Towels, LAZI, Gryeer

On this page, you will learn about those kitchen towels that are trending on the market. So, please check each product mentioned here. I am sure; you will like some of them because the reviews are written based on what users have commented on various selling platforms, in blog comments and in forum replies.

These dish cleaning towels are selected on many considerations such as brand popularity, affordable prices, material quality, the happiness score of users and liquid absorption capabilities.

Best 5 Kitchen Towels at a Glance

Image Product Features Rating
Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches
Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches
  • 15 x 25 Inches
  • Ring Spun Cotton
  • Soft and Absorbent
  • Pack of 12
LAZI Kitchen Dish Towels, 16 Inch x 25 Inch Cotton Kitchen Towels
LAZI Kitchen Dish Towels, 16 Inch x 25 Inch Cotton Kitchen Towels
  • 6 Inch x 25 Inch
  • A pack of 6
  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Refund guarantee
Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Towels
Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Towels
  • Pack of 8
  • 18 x 26 Inch
  • Gray and White
  • Microfiber Kitchen Towels
Microfiber Dish Towels – Soft, Super Absorbent
Microfiber Dish Towels – Soft, Super Absorbent
  • 26 x 18 Inch
  • Gray Color
  • A Pack of 8
  • Microfiber Dish Towels
KAF Home Soho Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 10
KAF Home Soho Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 10
  • Set of 10
  • 18 x 28 Inch
  • Mixed Set of Flat Towels
  • Multi-purpose

Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches, Pack of 12

best 5 kitchen towel reviews - Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches

Utopia Towels is a well-known brand to produce high-grade towels. These towels are used as a kitchen helper. In fact, without a towel, it would be very difficult to perform cooking tasks.

In the best 5 kitchen towel reviews, this Utopia Towels kitchen towel is at the first place because it deserves this position. The 15 x 25 inches towel is highly popular on Amazon and it is a bestselling item on major selling platforms.

The soft cotton towel is available in many colors like black, blue, green, grey, orange, red and yellow. So, you can choose a color as per your choice. Please know that you will see a little price difference.

A pack of 12 – this is a pack of 12 pieces. Six pieces are grey and six pieces are white. Well, the manufacturer says that these dish towels have dobby weave style, which is highly popular among users.

Durability – since these kitchen towels are made with ring spun cotton, so they last for a long time. These towels are considerably strong for the home and kitchen uses.

SafetyUtopia Towels uses natural material to make these towels, so these towels are very safe to use in kitchen related environments. The manufacturer clarified that the towels are free from harmful chemicals and other similar stuffs.

Washing – to wash these towels, it is recommended to go for a machine wash with hot water and a little detergent. Soon after you finish washing it, please tumble dry.

Caution – for a long lasting use, please refrain iron, fabric softener and bleaching. Also, it is recommended to wash these towels separately to reduce lint.


  • Low price, absorbent and lint-free
  • One towel lasts for at least five washes.
  • The Utopia Towels dish towels do not pill or generate lint.
  • High quality kitchen towels
  • No problems for washing and drying
  • The towels do not have wrapping problems.
  • Good size and thickness
  • Very handy to use, you can even pull hot trays from oven with the help of these towels.


  • Some users complained that the towels do not have much water absorbing capability.
  • A little scratchy

In short, the Utopia Towels kitchen towel looks good from many points. They are made of good quality cotton materials. The towels last for a long time and sell at a good price too. However, I see mixed reviews from users. So, I am not too confident to recommend it. In case, you want to buy it, please research more on this before you click on the “Buy Now” button.

LAZI Kitchen Dish Towels, 16 Inch x 25 Inch Cotton Kitchen Towels

LAZI Kitchen Dish Towels

Lazi kitchen dish towels are very popular, so I included them in the best 5 kitchen towel reviews. You can see the size; the towel measures 16-inch by 25-inch, which is a large size without any doubts. In fact, many users have confirmed in their reviews about the size. Also, they come in a pack of six towels, so you are going to receive six towels when you buy this towel set.

Very strong – this LAZI brand dish towel is very strong because of the high quality material. The manufacturer says that it delivers good cleaning performance in a home or kitchen. At the same time, the kitchen towels are very soft. They will not cause any scratches on your precious utensils, dishware, pans and kitchen appliances.

Absorbent – well, LAZI says that it has good water soaking capability but the same does not appear in users’ reviews. Many users say that these dish towels are less absorbent to water.

A pack of 6 – in this pack, you get six kitchen towels in different colors. These colors are red, green, navy, blue and brown. They come in multiple colors, so they are perfect to match any kitchen décor.

Well-constructed – the Lazi towels are well constructed and they are made for kitchen cleaning needs. These towels have been woven deeply. Also, the high quality towels have reinforced hems to get rid of unraveling and other similar things.


  • 16 x 25 inches size is larger than normal.
  • A pack of six towels in different colors
  • Soft towels
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • They are woven well.
  • Low shrinkage
  • Good for multiple washes
  • Made of high-grade cotton


  • The towels have less absorbing capability.

At the end, I will say that these Lazi kitchen dish towels are good from many points. They are made of high-grade cotton materials; they are easy to wash and dry. Most importantly, they are large-size towels, 16-inch by 25-inch. However, many users on Amazon complained that these towels have low absorption capability, so please make your buying decision accordingly. Well, I am hopeful that the manufacturer is aware of this problem and they may improve in future.

Easy care – you do not have to worry much to wash these clothes. The cotton towels are easy to wash in a machine. One can see low lint and less shrinkage in these towels. Amazingly, it does not wear out in just one wash. Which means you can enjoy multiple washes of each towel from the pack of six. For a good result, please follow the washing instruction, which is often written somewhere on the packet. However, according to the manufacturer, it is recommended to wash on gentle cycle in cold water and give it a tumble dry on low.

Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Towels, Soft and Super Absorbent Dish Towels, Pack of 8, 18 x 26 Inch, Gray and White

Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Towels

The best 5 kitchen towel reviews include these Gryeer microfiber kitchen towels also. I had to include this towel because it deserves its place. Gryeer towels have received fabulous reviews on Amazon. The important features are mentioned below.

Liquid absorbent – compared to other kitchen towels on the market, this one is highly capable to absorbing liquid. One will not get any issue to dry it. It dries faster than others do.

Very soft – on the market, you can see many low quality kitchen towels that sell. But, this one is a high-quality and soft towel. Unlike others, it is not hard so it will not be problematic to your kitchen appliances. Also, these kitchen towels are lightweight and very safe on all types of surfaces. The soft towels will look fresh all the times, even after you wash them. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it remains effective after many washes and uses.

Eight pieces in a pack – the Gryeer soft kitchen towels are a set of 8 pieces. You get 4 gray and 4 white towels. Well, these classic style grey and white kitchen towels will always remain a demand of modern homes and kitchens.

Washing and safety tips – by manufacturer, it is suggested to give them a wash in normal water before you use them. Also, please make sure that you will not be using these kitchen towels on hot surfaces. Doing this will burn towel holes. It may damage the towel completely.


  • Soft and highly absorbent
  • Super quality kitchen towels
  • It has many uses outside a kitchen
  • Easy to wash
  • Large size: 18-inch by 26-inch
  • They can dry dishes quickly and give a nice feel.
  • Made of high-grade microfiber material
  • Many users say that they are much better than a normal towel.


  • Some users complained that they received yellow but it should be white.

I tried to list some of the main pros and cons. Please read the pros and cons before you buy this product. To me, these Gryeer kitchen towels look fine. The soft tea towels are made of microfiber material, so these towels are very soft and easy to wash. Impressively, these dish towels are large enough: 18 x 25 inches.

Microfiber Dish Towels – Soft, Super Absorbent and Lint Free Kitchen Towels, 8 Pack, 26 x 18 Inch

Microfiber Dish Towels

To show you only the best kitchen towels is the main purpose of writing the best 5 kitchen towel reviews. So, I have included this microfiber dish towel, which is also trending on the market. This is a pack of 8 microfiber dish towels, which have attracted thousands of customers on Amazon. That is why, they are worthy to be a part of the best 5 kitchen towel reviews.

Well, some of the highlights, I am going to mention bellow, please read them if you are interested to buy it.

Highly absorbent – Well, manufacturer as well as users say that this microfiber cloth is good at soaking water. They say that these kitchen towels can absorb liquid six times of their weight.

Good size – these towels are in large sizes that measure 26-inch by 18-inch. According to my observation, there may hardly be few manufacturers that make such a large kitchen towels. Thus, you can use these oversized dish towels not only in kitchen, but also in homes, offices, factory, shops to clean many things.

Strong enough – for a long lasting use, these towels are designed very well in a good shape. They have passed perfect sewing process, so they will be in a proper shape even after multiple washes. Also, the color will not change after many uses.

Thick enough – I noticed that many reviewers say that these microfiber clothes are very thick, which is good for the durability and the convenience. The high quality kitchen towels are made as per the users’ needs. Also, the manufacturer says that they have improved the quality of this towel to make them thicker and softer.


  • Amazingly absorbent
  • A good way to dry utensils, appliances and surfaces in no time
  • You can use to clean glass and glass containers too.
  • Very good quality for the price
  • They remain and look new after you wash them.
  • Highly recommended
  • Thick and soft


  • According to some users, these kitchen towels are too large. So, they feel like a blanket, not a towel.

The pros and cons say that these towels are capable to do the job. They are thicker and softer than other kitchen towels available on the market. Many users have commented that these dish cleaning clothes remain new after you use them many times. The high-grade kitchen towels are good for the money without any doubts.

KAF Home Soho Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 10, 18 x 28 Inch Tea Towels

best 5 kitchen towel reviews - KAF Home Soho Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 10

At the end, I have included this KAF kitchen dish towel in the best 5 kitchen towel reviews. This kitchen towel also looks good but not better than the previous towels reviewed on this page. So, this is the reason to keep it at the end.

Mixed materials used – the KAF home and kitchen towel set of 10 is made of recycled materials that include cotton and polyester.

Environment friendly – the kitchen dish towels are made of recycled yarns, so they are a green alternative to paper towels.

Versatile enough – a large size cleaning cloth can be used for multiple purposes. So, you can use the 18 x 28 inches towels for multiple purposes. You can use them in kitchens, homes, for windows cleaning, glass cleaning and surface cleaning.

Washing – a machine wash is perfect for this KAF brand towel. Well, machine was is easy too. After washing, you can tumble dry, which will be good for durability.

Classic design – these towels have elegant patterns, which are good for any aesthetic from modern to nostalgic. I am sure you will like the design of these clothes, will be suitable for all kitchens and homes.


  • Many users like the color of these kitchen towels.
  • They wash well.
  • Good as hand towels
  • They feature a corner tag for hanging.


  • Absorbs very little liquid
  • Not good for drying dishes, tables, counters and others
  • Very larger for a kitchen towel

I have gather the important pros and cons of this KAF brand multi-purpose towel. Sadly, they are not good as kitchen towels. You can use them for other purposes as well. I will not recommend buying this towel for cleaning kitchen related stuffs. It has very less liquid absorption capability, so it is not good to dry dishes and kitchen appliances.

Conclusion – Best 5 Kitchen Towel Reviews

In short, I tried writing on best kitchen towels. Before I started writing, I researched each product, read users’ reviews and tried to reflect them here on this page.

After writing the best 5 kitchen towel reviews, I realized that these kitchen towels are highly popular because they are needed in all kitchens for cleaning dishes, counters, tables, kitchen appliances and surfaces. Thus, these low-price dish towels have great demand.

Most of them are made of cotton and microfiber materials because these towels have to soak water from dishes, plates and others.

Also, they often come in a pack. For example, a pack of 6, a pack of 10 or a pack of 8. To buy a pack of these kitchen towels, you do not have to pay much. According to my research, an average price would be $15 for a pack of 8 kitchen towels. However, it all depends on quality, size and other capabilities.

In this towel review, I have only selected those dish cleaning clothes, which are highly rated on Amazon and other shopping websites. And I made sure that they should be bestsellers also.

Also, please do not forget to comment on this page. From your comments, I will know what I am doing and it would be very easy for me to improve based on your suggestions, complaints and comments.

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