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Bella Microwave Ovens – 700W and 1000W Countertop Microwaves

Here, you will see a collection of microwaves that come from Bella. These microwaves are mostly in two sizes such as 0.7 cu. ft. and 1.1 cu. ft. interior sizes.

Well, Bella as a microwave manufacturer scores popularity level less than other brands such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, but it makes good microwaves. These good microwaves are available at good prices.

In case, you want to buy a family size microwave, please check the 1.1 cu. ft. microwave, which is good for a medium size family. You can use the 0.7 cu. ft. microwave for personal or couples uses.

Settings – like settings of popular microwaves, these Bella microwaves have useful settings that make cooking easy. You will be able to use features such as removable turntable, child safety lock, programmable menus, one-touch operation and many others.

Also, they come in a compact size, so they are good for even a small kitchen that has less space. You will not experience any issues related to the installations because most of them are countertop microwave ovens.