Ninja OP401 Foodi 8-Quart Pressure, Steamer, Air Fryer All-in- All-in-One Multi-Cooker, Black/Gray

Pressure cookers exist in large numbers. Ninja OP401 Foodi is one of the kinds that deliver the most exceptional convenience. It’s available in the best-selling platforms, and its features are just so amazing. It will grant the user with the most outstanding comfort in every aspect of the kitchen. Let’s consider the key elements that define this amazing pressure cooker that is currently receiving the best reviews from amazon.
Tender crisp technology allows you to quickly cook ingredients, then the crisping lid gives your meals a crispy, golden finish.

Key features

This leading pressure cooker has a variety of names, and sometimes they famously call it the tender crisper! It’s a technology that applies that gives it a name. It allows the chef to quickly cook the ingredients where the crispy lid that it has ensures that it accords the food with the golden finish. Its pressure cooking speed is estimated to be 70% faster than the traditional faster methods of cooking. It can perform a versatile task such as air frying hence reducing the amount of the fats. Other functions that it can deliver include simmering, deep frying, and also slow cooking!

This amazing Ninja OP401 Foodi has an extra-large size of 8 quartz to ensure that it sufficiently serves a substantial number of people. The pot has a ceramic coating, which is non-stick to warrant a natural cleaning process. For health, it is PFOA free; hence, you won’t risk any health hazards when you use it for cooking your food. The amazing pressure cooker can deliver sufficient food for the whole family. It has other outstanding accessories such as the extra-large quart cook and the fresh basket that can be sufficient to hold a seven if chicken.

Ninja OP401 Foodi has other key features, such as 14 safety features that have undergone rigorous testing for safety. It’s the safest kind of cookware that grants peace of mind every time. With many safety certifications, you can trust it for quality. Ninja OP401 Foodi operates at 1700 watt unit ensuring that it delivers delicious and well-cooked food. Other accessories that it has includes the 8-quart ceramic-coated pot, the fresh basket, the stainless steel and the reversible rack with a fantastic recipe book that has more than 45 instruction.


To conclude, the Ninja OP401 Foodi is an exceptional design that serves a smart purpose in the kitchen. It some of the best cookware that will always deliver quality! Get one and find reasons to smile as you enjoy the most exceptional convenience with your fantastic modern appliance for a smart cuisine!

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