OKSLO 0.7-cu. ft. microwave, white

OKSLO 0.7-cu. ft. microwave, white

OKSLO 0.7-cu. ft. microwave, whiteOKSLO 0.7-cu. ft. microwave oven is designed for small or medium size family. This microwave oven features 0.7 cu. ft. interior, which is perfect for a small or medium size family.
This OKSLO brand microwave oven offers 700 watts of cooking power to cook food evenly and instantly. You will surely receive efficient cooking result from this high power OKSLO microwave oven.
The 700 watt microwave oven looks very stylish in the white color, will surely match your modern kitchen décor.
It has various advanced features for the ease of cooking. Because the microwave oven has 10 microwave power levels, 6 x 1-touch quick cook menu buttons such as potato, popcorn, pizza, reheat, beverage and frozen food. It also comes with weight and speed defrost.
The 0.7 cu. ft. microwave oven also comes with push-button touch controls, green LED display, child safety lock, recessed door handle and weight/speed defrost option. Read more…

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