Avanti AVAMT16K3S 1,000W Microwave, Stainless Steel

Avanti AVAMT16K3S 1,000W Microwave, Stainless Steel

Avanti AVAMT16K3S 1,000W Microwave, Stainless SteelAvanti AVAMT16K3S is a very stylish microwave oven, which will surely advance the look of your kitchen interior. Since this unit comes from the popular Avanti brand, so there is no doubts to the quality and cooking performance.
This Avanti microwave oven features huge 1.6 cubic feet interior, which is good for preparing meals for a large size family, a group of families, gatherings etc.
Apart from the large-size interior, Avanti AVAMT16K3S microwave oven delivers 1000-watt of cooking power, which is impressive cooking power to cook food at faster speed. Meals prepared in this microwave oven are of course evenly prepared because the meals are prepared with 1000-watt cooking power.
Avanti AVAMT16K3S has stainless steel finish, which makes this microwave oven a stylish unit without any doubts.
Other advanced features of Avanti AVAMT16K3S are touch pad controls, 10 power levels and pre-set cooking controls. Using the pre-set cooking controls you can easily and quickly heat up various food items with a simple touch. Since it features 10 power levels so it allows customizable control of your favorite temperature level. And the touch pad controls are very easy to use for fast and simple food preparations.
The highlights of Avanti AVAMT16K3S are:

  • 1000-watt cooking power
  • 1.6 cu. ft. interior size
  • Speed defrost option
  • Cooking complete reminder
  • 24.5 x 21.3 x 15 inches item dimensions

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