Best 3 KitchenAid Refrigerator Reviews: KRFC300ESS, KRFF507HPS, KRFF507HPS

The KitchenAid Technology Lab assessed 12 French-doors refrigerators is the best refrigerator so far. With its professional structure and depth that fits flush with countertop, it will create a major expression in your kitchen.

Kitchen Aid KRFC300ESS KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. stainless Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Kitchen Aid KRFC300ESS KRFC300ESS
Total (cu. Ft.): 20 / Fridge: 14.38 / Freezer: 5.62

This KitchenAid KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. is an amazing refrigerator with features that make you long to take chill beverages. It has dividers are platinum made with wooden accents and there’s delightful LED lighting that makes it resemble a gem box, not a refrigerator.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. is stacked with accommodations as well. A little wooden drawer which has a prep dish that slides under it.

The KitchenAid KRFC300ESS 20 Cu. Ft. is consistent with temperatures from it drawers to cooler compartments the temperature varies in single regions after some time. Moreover, they are models outfitted with a meat cabinet, it contrasts the temperatures with the normal temperature which keep the refrigerator cooler. Read more…

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KitchenAidFrench Door Refrigerator


20 Cu. Ft. stainless Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator


  • It has a constant temperature.
  • Meat guard maintained a lower temperature.
  • Computerized controls.
  • Simple to get a handle.
  • Temperature controlled cabinet


  • Upper door temperature is too high to even think about storing perishables.
  • Cooler compartments are not movable.


KitchenAid KRFF507HPS 26.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid KRFF507HPS refrigirator

The KitchenAid KRFF507HPS 26.8 Cu. Ft. doesn’t have the same number of additional comfort includes as certain refrigerators in our review, yet it has every one of the necessities that might amaze you. It incorporates a cooler side water and ice gadget with a lockout feature, so you can control when to get water and ice. Another gadget control is a metered fill that dispenses a set measure of water so you don’t need to stress over any overflow.

The KitchenAid KRFF507HPS 26.8 Cu. Ft. controls are situated alongside the water allocator in the cooler door. Notwithstanding setting the temperature of each segment of the refrigerator, you can set a door caution. This caution sounds that door is left open for a set measure of time, this is a rare component not found in other refrigerators.

The KitchenAid KRFF507HPS 26.8 Cu. Ft. has three shading choices for the completion: hardened steel, highly contrasting. This is more than most one next to the other refrigerators, which ordinarily just have a treated steel wrap up. It additionally utilizes a minimal measure of vitality by a long shot at 610 kilowatts for every year. Read more…

easy to read control panel - KitchenAid KRFF507HPS

shell for keeping accessories


KitchenAid KRFF507HPS sliding features


KitchenAid KRFF507HPS accomodates too many food items


KitchenAid KRFF507HPS with huge space




  • It is noiseless.


  • It is expensive.


Kitchen Aid KRFF305ESS / KRFF305ESS / KRFF305ESS KRFF305ESS 25.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator (Renewed)

Kitchen Aid KRFF305ESS

The KitchenAid KRFF305ESS 25.2 Cu. Ft. is among the best selling refrigerators, produced by KitchenAid. It has some a lot of good features for your kitchen, which adds to its flexibility.

The KitchenAid KRFF305ESS 25.2 Cu. Ft. has an alluring, professional appearance and arrives in brushed tempered steel, total with spotless café style bar handles.

The KitchenAid KRFF305ESS 25.2 Cu. Ft. has an appealing and simple clean platinum surface. The inside is improved for capacity and usefulness. It features two autonomous cooling frameworks to help keep sustenance crisp longer. Read more…


  • Good looks
  • Astounding guarantee
  • Noiseless
  • Specific compartments for herbs, pizza, produce
  • Additional cabinet in cooler


  • Maybe progressively costly because of plan and appearance
  • Littler icemaker
  • Defrost setting insufficient
  • The cooler cabinet does not in every case close alone as do different drawers


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