Emerson MW1107W, 1.1 CU. FT. 1000 Watt, Touch Control, White Microwave Oven

Emerson MW1107W, 1.1 CU. FT. 1000 Watt, Touch Control, White Microwave OvenEmerson MW1107W microwave oven comes with some unique features, which are really very helpful for easy cooking. This high grade and compact microwave oven is made by Emerson that has a good image on the market.

The important features are six one-touch settings that include beverage, frozen vegetable, popcorn, potato, pizza and dinner plate. It comes with 99 minutes and 99 second digital timer, and time & weight defrost feature.

Keeping even cooking in mind, it comes with a removable glass turntable for all your healthy cooking requirements. Since, Emerson MW1107W has cooking presets so they take the guesswork out of cooking popular foods.

You just need to press a button and your favorite foods will be prepared as per the preset power levels. Since, it features a lightweight removable glass turntable, so it delivers complete and evenly cooked food.

You can easily remove the turntable for the cleanup. Further, it also comes with a lockout feature disallowing your children and other people to operate this microwave oven. Read more…

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