IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven “Re; Cook” FVX-M3B-S (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)

IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven “Re; Cook” FVX-M3B-S (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)

IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven This Iris OHyama microwave is a Japanese product. It is a high quality hot air oven that delivers good cooking performance.
IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven can skip excess moisture on the surface of the ingredients. The outside is crisp and inside is juicy. Of course, you will get tasty meals if you use this Iris Ohyama hot air oven. The model number is FVX-M3B.
This hot air oven cooks tasty foods because it cuts calorie drastically. Because it delivers high speed hot air cooking that does not deep fry with oil. This oven doesn’t fry with oil because the extra oil is also moderately dropped. On the other hand, it heats uniformly with high-speed hot air so it cooks delicious meals.
You will be able to set water tray and just add water and it gives moisture with steam so it results in crispy cooking outside while the inside is softly baked. This hot air oven comes with good sensing capability that automatically detects the temperature of ingredients and controls it.
IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven is a good unit for a large-size family. It can include 4 pieces of toasts inside the wide warehouse. On the other hand, it is really very easy to clean. It produces healthy meals because it doesn’t use oil. Read more…

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