Maytag Black 2.0 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – MMV4206FB

Maytag Black 2.0 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – MMV4206FB

Maytag Black 2.0 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven - MMV4206FBMaytag makes solid and stylish microwave ovens. You can check this over-the-range microwave oven by Maytag. The model number of this unit is MMV4206FB.
This Maytag microwave oven has a huge interior of 2.0 cu. ft., which can prepare meals for a large size family, a group of families, gatherings, party and many other special occasions.
This microwave oven has fingerprint resistant stainless steel, which is also very easy to clean. It keeps your microwave looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside.
Further, it comes with sensor cooking capability, which is very good to evenly reheat food by automatically adjusting cooking time when required.
Maytag MMV4206FB microwave oven features multiple speed exhaust fan, which is very helpful to remove smoke and odors as you cook. It has mess grease filter to take the trouble out of scrubbing up after dinner with a mesh grease filter that helps prevent the mess.
It also comes with control lockout option, which disables the control panel so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing buttons while you are cleaning. Further, it comes with charcoal odor filter, which is very helpful to prevent cooking smells from overwhelming your meals with a charcoal odor filter that removes high airflow odors and steam.
Amazingly, this Maytag microwave oven carries a long 10-year of warranty on parts (cavity and magnetron). Read more…

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