Sharp R-21LCF Commercial Microwave Oven, Dial, 1000 Watts

Sharp R-21LCF Commercial Microwave Oven, Dial, 1000 Watts

Sharp R-21LCF Commercial Microwave Oven, Dial, 1000 WattsSharp R-21LCF Commercial Microwave Oven has large capacity to meet your varied cooking needs. This oven weighs just 44 pounds and it is made in a solid design to easily install anywhere you want. Sharp R-21LCF is backed by 3 years of limited warranty on magnetron tube and one year warranty on parts and labor with in-home service for all your convenience.

If you are looking to buy a simple to operate commercial microwave then you can check Sharp R-21LCF Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave as well. It is a simple to operate microwave with classic dial timer that can be set anywhere from 10 seconds to 6 minutes. On the other hand, Sharp R-21LCF comes with bright LED indicators that are good for at-a-glance monitoring.

Sharp R-21LCF has huge interior because it has 1 cubic foot capacity that can easily accommodate a 13-1/2 inches platter, prepackaged foods, single servings or a half-size pan in any direction.

Sharp R-21LCF Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave comes with heating time guide, which is very handy on the spot. It gives you great time saving convenience without any doubts. This feature is located above the time with recommended times for heating various foods.

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On the other hand, the Sharp brand microwave comes with auto-cancel timer so when the door is opened during cooking, the remaining time is cancelled to save energy and increase the magnetron life. Most importantly, Sharp R-21LCF Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave is very easy to maintain. Because it comes with stainless steel exterior wrap and interior for easy cleaning and a commercial look.

Before you buy this Sharp microwave, please read reviews on that has detailed and unbiased reviews on various kitchen appliance. The website is very helpful to those people who want to buy a high quality kitchen appliance at a low price.

This is a 1000 watts power oven means it has great capacity to heat quickly and back meals in no time. It features timer panel, gray steel outer wrapper, transparent door, non-stick cavity and many other amazing features. Read more…

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