Avanti MWAV7BK MM07V1B 0.7 CF Manual Microwave Oven-Black, cu ft

Avanti MWAV7BK MM07V1B 0.7 CF Manual Microwave Oven-Black, cu ftIf you are looking for a microwave oven for preparing meals for small or medium size family, please check Avanti MWAV7BK microwave oven. It comes with 0.7 cubic foot capacity and 700 watts of cooking power. The 700-watt cooking output is good for cooking foods evenly and properly.

The Avanti microwave oven has easy-to-use basic design and rotary dial knob controls for the best cooking experience. In the advanced feature, you can find 30-minute cooking timer.

Avanti MWAV7BK microwave oven is a low price unit, which can be purchased from Amazon.com at a discounted price.

Some comparable microwaves to this Avanti microwave oven are Westinghouse 0.9 cu. ft. countertop microwave oven, Panasonic NE-1025F 1000W commercial microwave oven and many others.

Main Features

  • 7 Cu. Ft. interior size (white cavity)
  • Pugh button door release
  • Turntable with glass tray
  • Defrost setting
  • Full range temperature control
  • 30 minute cooking timer
  • Rotary dial knob controls
  • Easy to use basic design
  • 700 Watts of cooking power

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