Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop MicrowaveThere is good popularity of Whirlpool all over the world because it makes only quality products at affordable prices. If you are looking for a good quality microwave by

Whirlpool then you can check Whirlpool WMC20005YB microwave oven. It comes with 0.5 cu. ft. capacity, which is good for small and medium size family.

Since Whirlpool WMC20005YB comes with 0.5 cubic foot interior size so it holds dinner plates up to 11 inches.

Apart from the 0.5 cu. ft. cavity size, it has 750 watt of cooking power and 10 cooking levels, which are good for reheating, defrosting and boiling easily.

Further, Whirlpool WMC20005YB microwave oven comes with tap touch controls with advanced cook, which is very simple to clean and allow the microwave controls to be set with a simple touch.

Whirlpool WMC20005YB comes with one-touch Popcorn cycle and the Turntable is good for rotating foods for even cooking.

The Whirlpool microwave oven has rounded back, which is good to fit in corners and other tight spots so this microwave oven is good for students and small family.

Whirlpool WMC20005YB comes with a light that illuminate the interior so that you can see your cooking food very easily.
Further, it comes with control lockout option that helps prevent unintended operation.

You can easily compare Whirlpool WMC20005YB microwave oven with popular microwave ovens such as AmazonBasics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cu. Ft, 700W, Works with Alexa, Daewoo KOR-7LREW Retro Countertop Microwave Oven 0.7 Cu. Ft., 700W and Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off ECO Mode and LED Lighting 0.9 cu. ft. Stainless Steel. Read more…

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