Best 3 Hamilton Beach Microwave Reviews – EM0331MZC-X2, EM925AJW-P1 Microwaves

If you love Hamilton Beach brand name, and you are looking to buy a Hamilton Beach microwave then reading best 3 Hamilton Beach microwave reviews will surely be helpful. The Hamilton beach microwave is huge and has more power than most in other brands of microwave, which may make it all the more trusted and accommodating. It likewise had an ideal marketing score.

Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave – Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave - Stainless Steel
Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave:10 power levels6 quick-set menu buttonsChild-safe lockout featureKitchen timer/clockWeight and time defrostLED display1000WMicrowave oven with black housing and white painted cavity1-year limited warranty.

The Hamilton Beach EM0331MZC-X2 is strong and has more power than most in our lineup, which may make it all the more family-accommodating.

It likewise had an ideal popcorn score. Since popcorn is one of the most widely recognized uses for any microwave, that is somewhat of a major ordeal.

There were some that had less fixed  parts than this one, however, a portion of those had consumed regions toward the focal point of the popcorn sack.

This microwave cooked pretty much every part and had no consumed areas – the ideal combination.

This Hamilton Beach EM0331MZC-X2 is breezed through the limit test effectively in light of the fact that it is bigger than normal with its 1.1 cubic feet of limit.

It still just uses up around 20 inches worth of counter space, which is a decent blend.

One thing important with this microwave is the absence of client support. On the off chance that you contact Hamilton Beach they send you elsewhere and it is extremely elusive on online manual or truly whatever else in the method for answers when you need them.

This Hamilton Beach EM0331MZC-X2 is affordable with good customer support, so that may make it worth the potential disturbance of chasing down client support. Read more…


  • It has the best rating in cooking.
  • Best client support.


  • Poor in potato cooking.
  • Longer processing time.


Hamilton Beach EM925AJW-P1 .9 cu ft 900W Microwave,Stainless Steel Black/Silver

Hamilton Beach EM925AJW-P1 .9 cu ft 900W Microwave
Stainless Steel:0.9 cu ft digital microwave

Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft digital microwave, is designed 0.9 cu. ft. with of capacity 900 watts of power, 10 variable power levels, digital touchpad controls, simple 1-contact and express cooking options with 30-Second express cooking removable glass, turntable speed and weight defrost. More amazing features are:

  • Convenience cooking controls
  • Cooking complete reminder
  • Child security lock
  • LED display push catch door design.

It comes with 1 year restricted guarantee make preparing and warming up dinners advantageous with this Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft Microwave.

It has a yield of 900 watts and incorporates 10 power levels. The LED showcase is easy to peruse, and the touch-cushion makes it simple to control.

This 900-watt microwave broiler incorporates a lockout include for tyke security.

It enables you to cook potatoes, popcorn, warm solidified suppers, pizza or drinks with only one touch. It’s intended to give you notwithstanding warming for consistent outcomes that you can like sustaining to your family. Read more…


  • Easy cooking.
  • A year warranty.
  • Child lock security
  • Efficient processing rate.


  • It has fragile parts


Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft 900W Microwave,by Product Hamilton Beach (Red)

Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft 900W Microwave
This Hamilton Beach Microwave features 10 microwave power levels and the one-touch cooking features popcorn, potato, reheat, frozen dinner, beverage and pizza settings with Child Safety Lock.

The Hamilton Beach 900W Microwave Oven looks generally excellent and extraordinary. It will grab the attention of your visitor as they appreciate a few snacks in your kitchen.

The limit is 0.9 cubic feet, and the power is 900 watts. The controls look simple enough to comprehend and utilize, which is consistently noteworthy in addition to for us.

All altogether, we respect the downplayed class of this Hamilton Beach 0.9 cu ft digital microwave. We likewise welcome the straightforwardness of the controls and the usability it offers.


  • Ideal for decently estimated sustenance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to prepare nourishment things.
  • It is efficient.


  • Longstop timer.


Hamilton Beach makes impressive microwave ovens that sell at reasonable prices. Reading these best Hamilton Beach microwave reviews may help you get the right microwave for the impressive cooking result. Read more…


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