Microwave Splatter Cover Review – Magnetic BPA-Free Food Cover

A microwave splatter cover is a useful kitchen tool because it keeps a microwave clean. In case, you want to know about the best food covers, please read this Microwave Splatter Cover review. On this page, you will see top ten food splatter covers.

These food covers are used in microwaves to prevent splatters. Since splatters are covered, so the microwave sidewalls and interior will look clean all the times.

To help you get a good splatter cover, I have researched top ten covers that are mentioned below. Please check each product mentioned below and find out if they are helpful to you. Also, all these products are available to purchase from Amazon.

Image Product Features Our Rating
Tovolo food cover
Tovolo Food Cover
  • Silicone, plastic materials
  • 10.5-inch size
  • Perforated lids
  • Easy-grip handle
Chef Craft Classic Microwave Cover
Chef Craft Classic Microwave Cover
  • 10-inch size
  • Clear visibility
  • Venting system
  • BPA-free plastic
BPA-Free Microwave Splatter Cover
BPA-Free Microwave Splatter Cover
  • Safe Material
  • Humanized Design
  • Suitable Size
  • Keeps Microwave Clean
Microwave Platter Cover by ZFITEI
Microwave Platter Cover by ZFITEI
  • 11.5 Inches Size
  • PBA-free Material
  • Withstand Temperatures up to 300°F
  • Easy-grip Handles
Microwave Plate Cover for Food
Microwave Plate Cover for Food, Thick and Durable
  • 11.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 Inches
  • Microwave-safe,food-safe,PBA-free
  • Fits many dishes,plates,bowls
  • 2 x Microwave Splatter Cover (2 Pack)
YCUPPLEIJ Microwave Plate Cover
YCUPPLEIJ Microwave Plate Cover
  • Fits most plates & bowls
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Prevents splatting in a microwave
  • Food is clearly visible
Progressive International PS55C Clear 10.25 inches Microwave Food Cover
Progressive International PS55C Clear 10.25 inches Microwave Food Cover
  • Steam vents
  • 10.25″ Diameter
  • BPA-free Materials
  • Dishwasher safe
Microwave Plate Cover – Magnetic Hover Function – Steam Vents
Microwave Plate Cover – Magnetic Hover Function – Steam Vents
  • Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid
  • 11.8 Inch Size
  • Passed the BUREAU VERITAS Safety Test
  • Highly Popular on Amazon
EZONTEQ Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover
EZONTEQ Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover
  • Built in steam vents
  • Ppolymer-encased magnets
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents splatters
Ikea Microwave Lid 701.860.90,Gray Blue
Ikea Microwave Lid 701.860.90,Gray Blue
  • Plastic material
  • 10″ diameter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Low price

Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Splatter Proof Food Plate Cover

Tovolo microwave food cover

This Tovolo cover is kept on top because it has received high respect from Amazon customers. If you check it on Amazon, you will find that it has thousands of happy customers. These customers have written reviews on this product. You can read all those reviews on Amazon.

Some important features of this microwave splatter cover are BPA free material, easy grip handle, dishwasher safe, 10.5-inch round. Also, this product is made of silicon and plastic material, which make it durable, safe to use in a microwave oven.

Easy to use – to cover tall food items, this cover is made in a collapsible design. So, it pops up to 3-inch when you need to cover tall dishes and other meals. Also, for an easy storage, it collapses to 0.75-inch. For the flexibility, it can be used in a flat shape that is very helpful to cover large bowls, plates and others. Of course, it is very helpful to stop splatters and other similar stuffs coming from the food to keep the microwave clean all the times.

Protective lid – the microwave splatter cover has lids. You can find small holes in the lid, which is for passing airflow to prevent air buildup. Also, this comes with perforated lids to protect the microwave from spots, food particles and splatters. Moreover, it has plastic and silicone topper to help cook evenly and to keep the microwave clean.

Heatproof materials – this splatter cover is made with heat-resistant materials such as plastic and silicone. So, the food safe cover does not have a melting issue.

Comfort handle – the Tovolo Vented cover has an easy-to-grip handle. The comfort handle is located at the top of the lid. So, it is easy to grab even inside the microwave oven.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Looks neat
  • Good quality cover
  • It packs flat to save storage space.
  • Durable
  • Made of heat-resistant materials
  • Easy to collapse and store
  • After many uses, it looks new.
  • Made of thick materials to withstand heat
  • Easy to wash and fold up
  • Good venting capability


  • Some users complained about the handle because it would get hot.
  • Not good for auto sensor microwaves

Microwave Splatter Cover Review, all the pros and cons of this Tovolo splatter cover are mentioned above. I can see, it is a great microwave cover, which is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Also, it is made of good quality materials so it will last for a long time.

Chef Craft Classic Microwave Cover, 10 Inch, Clear

microwave splatter cover review - Chef Craft Classic Microwave Cover

First, the Tovolo microwave cover was a part of Microwave Splatter Cover Review. Now please check Chef Craft Classic Microwave Cover.

This microwave cover has a 10-inch diameter. In a microwave, it is very helpful to prevent food splatter. Also, it looks very clear, which is good to see how the food is being cooked. Like the first microwave splatter cover, this one also comes with a venting capability.

With the help of this Chef Craft microwave cover, you can remove the frustrations of messes in your microwave. It is a great cover to protect your precious microwave from frequent splatters.


  • Comes in a standard size, which is good for most microwave ovens.
  • It is tall enough to cover a regular bowl.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It has a finger hole at the top for lifting the cover.
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Low price


  • Some users complained that it melted in their microwaves.
  • Very thin

Based on the pros and cons of this Chef Craft Classic microwave cover, it seems an average quality product. However, the product comes from an established manufacturer that has been on the market for more than 30 years.

On a precaution note, some users have complained that it melted in their microwave. So, if you are going to buy this product, please research more on this.

BPA-Free Microwave Splatter Cover, Two Pack

BPA free microwave food cover review

Though most brands claim that their splatter covers are made of BPA-free material, but this is the real one. The splatter cover comes in a perfect size, easy-to-use design and it is made of safe material. In Microwave Splatter Cover Review, you will know some of the hidden capabilities of this product.

BPA-free safe material – this plate cover is made of high quality BPA-Free material. So, this cover is easy to clean and it is very friendly to environment and health. The lids of this microwave oven are oil-proof. And, they are good to cover foods, leftovers, vegetables and other food items in your home or in your microwave.

Steam vent – the microwave splatter cover features steam vents, which are very helpful to release steam efficiently. This way, the foods are heated evenly and the food will not crack. Also, you will not see oil splashing stuffs during the microwave operation.

Easy-grip handle – you will get the utmost comfort from the handle of this splatter cover. The handle is easy to hold and lift. Of course, the handle is safe to use in a microwave. You can use the handle to remove the lid without the features of finger burn.

Clean microwave – the anti-splash design of this food cover will keep the microwave clean all the times. If you use this microwave cover, you do not have to clean your microwave in a week or month. Of course, this is a good kitchen helper to save your time that you use to clean your microwave oven.

Caution – from the manufacturer, it is not allowed to use this cover in a baking mode. Also, please do not use this microwave for more than 9 continuous minutes. Please do not use it if the microwave temperature is more than 350° C.


  • Perfect size to fit most dishes, plates and bowls
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Various uses: you can use it in microwaves, fridges and many others.
  • A well-made product, lightweight too
  • It has a venting hole to remove steam and it is adjustable.
  • You get a pack of two microwave covers.
  • Also, using a food cover means keeping the food moist.


  • Some user want the handle should be in different color.
  • A little pricey

On Amazon, this is a highly rated microwave splatter cover, which you can see in the list of pros and cons. The high quality microwave cover is made of food grade materials, has easy grip handle and a venting hole to pass the steam.

Microwave Platter Cover by ZFITEI

Microwave platter cover

The microwave platter cover by ZFITEI is also included in the top ten microwave splatter cover review. The BPA-free cover has a suitable size of 11.5 inches. It also has a steam vent for the steam passage.

Easy-grip handle – the ZFITEI splatter cover features easy-grip handles that provide the utmost convenience when you need to cover the foods in your microwave oven. Also, it has perforated steam vents to remove the moisture from the food.

Size – the microwave platter cover measures 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.4 inches. So, it has a good size to cover most utensils such as bowls, plates and large dishes.

Speed up the cooking process – if you use this splatter cover in your microwave oven, you will not compromise on the cooking speed. The cover is very helpful to increase the cooking speed a little because it does not destroy the heat of the microwave.

Food-grade plastic material – the plate serving and microwave cover is made of food-safe PP material. Also, the product has passed a safety test. So, it is a high quality product without a doubt. In fact, the manufacturer says that it has continuously worked on the product to improve it based on the customer feedback.

Magnet – this is a magnet based cover. The magnet is wrapped in the plastic material. You will not get any rust related issues from the magnet. Also, the magnet has a good amount of force to do the job easily.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • The cover comes with a good size to fit most plates and bowls.
  • If you want, you can store in the microwave when not in use.
  • It also has various other uses except for the microwave uses.
  • The cover is made of food-grade material, so you do not have to worry of anything.
  • To pass the steam, the cover has a small hole at the top.


  • You cannot use this plastic food cover longer than ten minutes continuously.
  • The food cover is not made to use in convection or grill modes.

At this point, you have both pros and cons on Microwave platter cover by ZFITEI. To me, it looks a useful microwave cover. It is easy to use with the help of the magnet. The cleaning of this platter cover is also very easy. For a durable and safe use, it is made of food-grade PP plastic material. To steam out, the cover upper part has a hole that passes the steam and help cook food faster than expected.

Microwave Plate Cover for Food – Large Easy Grab Microwave Cover Splatter Guard, Thick and Durable

thick and durable microwave splatter cover a pack of two

In Microwave Splatter Cover Review, I have included this microwave plate cover because countless users are already using it. Similar to other covers mentioned above, this food cover is also made of BPA-free materials. And, it comes in a pack of two pieces.

Size – it comes in a size of 11.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches. So, it has a right size to fit even large plates, bowls and dishes very easily.

Easy-to-grip – the cover is designed in a round shape so it is very easy to grip. A human hand can easily grip it and use it to cover food items in a microwave. Well, you not only use it in an oven, but also use it at other places to cover foods. You can say that it has multiple uses.

Safety – the manufacturer claims that this product is food-safe, BPA-free and microwave-safe.

Keeps your microwave clean – this is a great way to keep your microwave clean all the times. It can greatly prevent splatters, liquid and other substances touching your microwave sidewalls.


  • Durable and thick
  • Keeps the food warm
  • Good price and good product
  • A pack of two pieces
  • Good microwave cover to keep your microwave clean all the times
  • It heats food evenly
  • Sufficient height to accommodate most food items and utensils


  • Smells a little
  • Cheap plastic material is used as per some reviews on Amazon.

To sum up, the microwave splatter cover by Lyron is durable and easy to clean. It comes in a pack of two pieces. For which, you do not have to pay much. The main task of such covers is to keep the microwave clean, so it does its job very well. Additionally, it also keeps the food warm and heats the food evenly. Thus, the plate cover is a useful kitchen tool that should be kept in every kitchen.

YCUPPLEIJ Microwave Plate Cover

Microwave Plate Cover 11 inches

Well, YCUPPLEIJ Microwave Plate Cover is also a part of the top ten microwave splatter cover review. Like other food covers reviewed on this page, this one is also a BPA-free cover. It comes in a standard size that is good to fit most normal size plates, dishes and bowls.

Keeps your microwave clean – using this plat cover means getting rid of splatters in a microwave. The cover will greatly prevent splatters, liquids and food particles that give a dirty look to your microwave interior. Since, you do not have to clean your microwave, so you will spend your time to focus on cooking.

Food-grade plastic material used – to make this cover BPA-free and melamine-free plastic material is used. So, the splatter is easy to clean, safe to use in a microwave and it is dishwasher safe too.

A must-have kitchen helperYCUPPLEIJ Microwave Plate Cover is a required kitchen accessory because it helps cook food cleanly, safely and quickly. Also, the food cover is clearly visible which means, you can monitor how the food is being cooked when it is covered.

Ventilation – the food cover also features a vent to get rid of the steam. This way, the microwave is capable to cook food at a fast speed because the steam is used to cook food.

Fits most plates – the platter cover dimensions are 11.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches. Therefore, it has enough room to accommodate various size plates, bowls and other food items. Well, it can accommodate any plates in the size from 5-inch to 10-inch very comfortably.


  • It does a good job to keep the microwave clean.
  • It has various uses, so you not only use it in a microwave, but also use on a table to cover food.
  • Perfect size, easy grip handle
  • Good microwave cover for those homes with children
  • Durable
  • Made with BPA-free materials


  • It is not recommended to use, if the microwave is in sensor mode.
  • The cover should have more ventilation capability.

The pros and cons are mentioned above. If you want to buy it, reading these pros and cons will be helpful. To me, it seems a good quality microwave splatter cover. It is made of BPA-free materials. The product is easy to clean because it is a dishwasher safe product.

Progressive International PS55C Clear 10.25 inches Microwave Food Cover

Progressive International microwave food cover affordable price

I am going to include this 10.25 inches microwave food cover in the top ten microwave splatter cover review. Well, many positives of this item need to be considered. It is a BPA-free product and dishwasher safe also.

Steam vents – like other microwave food cover, it also features steam vents to pass the steam back to the microwave interior. This way, the microwave cooking speed is not disturbed.

Finger grips – for easy uses: covering food, taking the cover out of the microwave, you can use the comfortable finger grips of this cover.

Size – the Progressive International microwave food cover comes in a suitable size, in a 10.25-inch diameter. So, it is easy to cover foods, dishes and plates up to ten inches in size.

Keeps the microwave clean – this food plate cover is a great tool to keep a microwave clean all the times. Because all the splatters are caught in the cover, they are not spotted on the microwave walls. Yes, you have to wash this cover time to time but it is easier to wash this cover than cleaning a microwave.

Material – for an easy and safe use, this food cover has been made from BPA-free plastic. Yes, it is made of PP material, which is also a food-grade material. Moreover, this item is dishwasher safe. So, you would enjoy the utmost cleaning convenience.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • It is good to keep your microwave spotless.
  • The design and shape are appreciated by many users on Amazon.
  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to get in and get out from the microwave.
  • Low price
  • Made with BPA-free material
  • Steam vents to escape steams


  • Not good for a large dinner plate and bowls
  • On Amazon, according to some reviewers, it is not durable.
  • Needs improvement: many users suggest that it should be 2-inch wider and taller for a perfect fit.

You can see the pros and cons mentioned here. Based on the pros and cons, I will not recommend this product to buy because this product has received too many complaints and suggestions to improve it. The main problem is that it has a small size, which is not suitable for most plates and bowls. I mentioned this product here because the price is very low. I hope that the manufacturer will improve this product in future.

Microwave Plate Cover – Magnetic Hover Function – Steam Vents, 11.8 Inch & BPA-Free

yakalla microwave food cover - magnetic and vent system

This is a capable microwave plate cover, and is a part of top ten microwave splatter cover review. The manufacturer says that it has passed all the safety parameters so it is safe to use in a microwave. You will not get any difficulties to use this cover in your microwave oven because many users say that it is easy to use.

Super convenient – you get the utmost convenience in regards to using this anti-splatter food cover. Of course, it is really a good way to keep your microwave clean because it becomes preventive to food splatters in a microwave. As a result, the microwave sidewalls will not have any splatters, spots etc.

Safety – the Yakalla microwave food cover is safe to use because it has passed the Bureau Veritas Safety Test. Also, high quality and food grade pp plastic material is used to make this cover. The material used to make this is free from BPA.

180 days replacement warranty – the good thing is the manufacturer offers 180-day replacement assurance. In case, you are not happy with the product, or if there is any quality issues, you can contact the manufacture for a replacement within 180 days.

Perfect size – the food cover has the right size that is 11.3 inches. It can fit most bowls, plates, dishes and large size food items.

Various uses – such microwave splatter covers have various uses without any doubts. You not only use it to cover dishes in a microwave oven, but also use in offices, in schools, on tables for covering food.

Popularity – especially, this Yakalla microwave cover is very popular. The manufacturer claims that it has sold tens of thousands of order on Amazon and other selling platforms. So, this shows that it is a highly popular product.


  • The cover has a magnet, which is good to stick to the roof of the microwave.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free PP material is used to make it.
  • For safety, it has passed Bureau Veritas safety test.
  • Various uses: it can be used in a microwave, on a table, in schools and somewhere else to cover foods.
  • High quality cover, long lasting performance
  • Fits well over the most plates and bowls
  • Low price


  • You need to be careful while pulling it from the microwave because some users complained that they burned their hand.

In fact, pros and cons are an important part of a product review. That is why, I have tried to list some of the main pros and cons that come from this microwave food splatter cover.

Based on the pros and cons, I can say that it is a good quality microwave food cover that has all the qualities to provide ease of use, good performance, safety and affordability. Of course, it is highly recommended to buy.

EZONTEQ Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover, Microwave Plate Guard Lid with Steam Vent, 11.8 Inch

Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover EZONTEQ

In the top ten microwave splatter cover review, I have included this EZONTEQ magnetic food cover because it is capable to do the job. It comes in a large 11.8-inch size. The plate guard lid also has a venting system for the proper steam circulation in the microwave.

Magnetic cover – the magnet based food cover is compatible with a microwave that attracts magnetic force. If the microwave has thick plastic surface, it may not work. If any magnet sticks with the roof of the microwave, this cover can also work.

Splatter prevention – well, the main work of this food cover is to keep the splatter inside the cover. This way, the microwave walls will not get affected. They will be clean all the times. So, it is really a great way to prevent liquid, splatters and other food stuffs that stick to the microwave walls.

Steam vents – the Ezonteq food cover has a good design because it has built-in steam vents. So, it is very helpful to the microwave to cook food evenly because the microwave heats properly.

Utmost safety – the food cover is highly safe to use in a microwave oven. It has polymer-encased magnets. The product is made of BPA-free and food-safe materials. Also, this is a dishwasher safe product, so you will not have any difficulties to wash it in a dishwasher.

Easy uses – it is simple to use in a microwave. You just need to cover the food plates and bowls in a microwave. When the cooking is complete, take it out of the microwave. You can wash it and stick it on the roof of the microwave oven because it is a magnetic food cover.


  • It prevents spills.
  • Easy to clean
  • Vents on the top are very helpful to maintain its temperature.
  • It has built-in magnet, very useful to stick the cover inside at the top of the microwave when not in use.
  • Simple and best solution to get rid of splatters, spills in a microwave
  • It has a good size to fit over most of the plates, bowls etc.
  • Made with high quality and bpa-free plastic
  • Durable
  • Microwave heats evenly


  • Not recommended to use in convection or sensor mode
  • You cannot use it for more than 10 minutes continuously.

From the list of pros and cons, I can say that it is a good quality product. It is easy and safe to use in a microwave. To store it in a microwave, it has built-in magnets that can be used to stick at the inner roof of the microwave. It has the right size to fit most plates, bowls, dishes and other foodstuffs. I will definitely recommend it to buy.

Ikea Microwave Lid 701.860.90,Gray Blue

Ikea Microwave Lid

This Ikea microwave lid is also a part of Microwave Splatter Cover Review. Unlike other food covers reviewed above, it is a little smaller than those covers. However, it is solid, will surely last for a long time.

Size – Ikea microwave Lid measures 10 x 10 x 4 inches. According to the product description, it fits most microwave oven even the smaller one.

Steam vents – the food cover has small holes that work for the steam release. So, in any microwave, the Ikea food cover is placed, the microwave will not have any heating issues. The microwave will heat evenly. As a result, the food will be cooked evenly.

Safety – the splatter cover is safe to use because it is safe to use in a microwave. Also, it is a dishwasher safe product. Which means you will not get any issues to wash it in a dishwasher. However, it is not clear that this product is BPA-free or not because nowhere it is written in the product description.

Temperature resistance – according to the manufacture, the product withstands temperature up to 212° F. Well, the temperature resistance capability seems a little low to me because there are many microwave food covers that come with more than 300° F. temperature resistance.

Recyclable materialIkea microwave lid is made of PP material. According to the manufacture, the material is recyclable. However, it can be recycled as per the rule of the community you live in.


  • Big enough to cover normal size plates and bowls
  • Has venting holes at the top
  • Tall enough, so it will not touch the food
  • High quality material is used to make it.
  • Low price
  • The durable microwave lid gives a rubbery feel when you touch it.


  • It should be larger.
  • Some broken products delivered to users because they have complained on Amazon.

In short, the Ikea microwave food cover looks good to me. However, I will say it is an average quality product because I read reviews and there were some unhappy users too.

Since it comes at a low price, it can be a good product. In case, you need to buy a better one, please check other microwave food covers mentioned here.


To sum up this Microwave Splatter Cover review, I will say that all the 10 food covers mentioned here have unique characteristics. Each of them has its own pros and cons.

That is why; it is advised to check each product listed here. Because a product may be required by you, it may not be required by other. So, it all depends on requirements, suitability, preference, price and many other factors.

On an amazing note, I will say that all the products listed above are highly popular. Tens of thousands of microwave covers sold on Amazon only. I am mentioning this because it was the main factor to choose these products.

When it comes to the prices, each of them is selected keeping affordability in mind. For an idea, I will say that you have to pay approx. $10 to buy a microwave cover. This is an average price.

Amazingly, all the microwave splatter covers come with a venting system, which is good for even heating. The food will also be cooked evenly.

For the safety, I kept an eye to those products, which are made of BPA-free materials. They are also dishwasher safe. You will not have to make much effort to clean them.


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