Panasonic NN-SD372S 0.8 Cu. Ft. 950W Countertop Microwave Oven (Inverter Technology)

Panasonic NN-SD372S 0.8 Cu. Ft. 950W Countertop Microwave Oven (Inverter Technology)

Panasonic NN-SD372S 0.8 Cu. Ft.  950W Countertop Microwave Oven (Inverter Technology)If you are looking for inverter technology microwave oven that delivers good cooking performance, you can check Panasonic NN-SD372S as well. It delivers the best cooking performance because it comes with exclusive cooking features and capabilities.
Panasonic NN-SD372S has 950 watts of cooking power and 0.8 cu. ft. capacity with stainless steel countertop to deliver a seamless stream of cooking power for even cooking and tasty flavor.
Please don’t forget that the Panasonic countertop microwave oven is based on the patented inverter technology with turbo defrost feature. It generates a seamless stream of power and delivers consistent, evenly prepared food without overcooking. It comes with advanced inverter turbo defrost capability to speed up defrosting time.
Further, Panasonic NN-SD372S carries a compact design because it has 11.25 inches turntable, which is thinner, lighter and more efficient. With such capabilities, the Panasonic oven is capable to devote less space to electronics and more to interior capacity. The internal dimensions are 8-1/8 inches by 12-3/8 inches by 13-7/8 inches.
Further, Panasonic NN-SD372S microwave comes with smart cooking settings with genius sensor. It has automatic genius sensor that adjusts power and time based on different foods.
And who doesn’t love smart cooking settings with genius sensor? The Panasonic countertop microwave oven has built-in automatic Genius Sensor that adjusts power and times based on different foods. The Genius Sensor feature also comes with preset menu items, quick-minute timer, delay start and child safety lock.
Does Panasonic NN-SD372S have ‘keep warm feature? Yes, it comes with ‘keep warm feature to keep soups, desserts and gravies warm and fresh until ready to serve. Read more…

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