Polder Style Station

Polder Style Station

The polder style station is produced using enduring material to hold every one of your apparatuses as you progress in the direction of accomplishing the ideal hairstyle. Additionally, you can rapidly sift through your restroom disruption issue in a moment.


The polder style station has three metal openings for setting your hairdryer, the twist, and straight dryers. Likewise, you can fir the twist dryer and the twisted wand in one of the wholes to evade ropes all over your restroom. All the gaps are of a 3-inch distance across.Polder Style Station

The holder additionally contains a cabinet compartment where you can toss in the entirety of your little apparatuses, for example, brushes, cosmetics brushes, and styling cuts. The holder offers a major holding limit while occupying a negligible room.

The structure the holder comes in is remarkable. In contrast to the standard wooden completion, the holder is produced using calfskin.

Oversized openings fit most styling tools


The polder style station is one apparatus that you can never backpedal on after you begin utilizing it. It’s a position of no arrival. When you have encountered all the integrity of having a hairdryer holder, you won’t have the option to live without it any longer.

The Polder style Station doesn’t fail. It is a significant appealing station for your devices, particularly for those with q sharp eye for style. The size doesn’t fall behind, either.

Store for safe cooling

The larger than average space for the hairdryer discusses the focal situation, with a breadth of 3 inches. By the side are the spaces for the wavy and level irons, each with a 2 inches distance across, the structure permits it to occupy the least room conceivable however give sufficient holding limit.

The casing is produced using hardened steel metal and strong plastic. The warmth safe work permits the apparatuses to chill after use. Be that as it may, the station is intended for holding and cooling devices; in this way, they don’t store apparatuses while they are turned on. The style station can be held tight a divider or set on a table as indicated by inclination.

Heat-resistant mesh and silicone base


  • Beautiful design
  • Customizable
  • crisp edges


  • Must be utilized to hold hair dryers
  • Occupies space
  • Costly


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