Sharp Heavy Duty Twin Touch Commercial Microwave – 1200 Watt

Sharp Heavy Duty Twin Touch Commercial Microwave – 1200 Watt

Sharp Heavy Duty Twin Touch Commercial Microwave - 1200 WattSharp is a popular brand name that makes impressive microwave ovens, without any doubts.
If you are looking to buy a good quality microwave oven from this Sharp brand, please check Sharp Heavy Duty Twin Touch Commercial Microwave Oven.
This is a 1200-watt commercial microwave oven is loaded with various advanced features so that you will experience easy cooking.
The capacity of this commercial microwave oven is 0.7 cu. ft and the output wattage is 1200-watt. Since it comes with 1200-watts of cooking power so the food will be cooked efficiently, evenly and instantly.
Also, the Sharp heavy duty microwave oven comes with large interior capacity that fits one 1/2-inch pan or two 1/3-inch pans.
The unit dimensions are 17-9/16 inches wide, 13-11/16 inches high and 22 9/16 inches deep.
Of course, it is an extraordinary commercial microwave oven, which comes with various advanced features. It has stainless steel interior, dual touch pads and self-diagnostics that make it an excellent addition to your kitchen.
Since, it features dual control panels with easy to reach buttons. Also, this microwave oven is designed with top and bottom energy feeds, stirrer antennas and dual magnetrons.
This is a high-class restaurant quality microwave that provides even heating and an unparalleled performance in cooking, heating and defrosting.
The cavity dimensions are 14-inch wide, 7-1/8-inch high and 13-inch deep. The unit weighs 64 lbs.
Other important details are 1200 watts of cooking power, and comes included with one mounting plate for stacking multiple units safely. Read more…

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