The Excellent Quality 1.2CF 1000 W Microwave WH OB

The Excellent Quality 1.2CF 1000 W Microwave WH OB

The Excellent Quality 1.2CF 1000 W Microwave WH OB

If you want to buy a rich-feature microwave oven, please check 1.2 cubic feet microwave oven by Avanti.

Since it features a huge 1.2 cubic feet cavity so it is perfect for a large size family, gathering etc.

This is undoubtedly a high quality kitchen appliance that offers premium quality at outstanding saving.

Apart from the huge interior in the size of 1.2 cu. ft., the Avanti microwave oven offers 1000 watt of cooking power to cook food evenly and quickly.

On the other hand, it comes with various advanced features including touch pad, electronic control panel, one-touch cooking programs, speed defrost, cook/defrost by weight, kitchen timer and 1000 watts of cooking power.

The Avanti microwave oven looks very stylish in the stainless steel finish, will surely advance the look of your kitchen interior.
The product dimensions are 21.2 x 17.8 x 11.8 inches and the weight is 36 pounds. Read more…

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