Sharp R-20MT 20-Liter 800W Microwave Oven, 220V

Sharp R-20MT 20-Liter 800W Microwave Oven comes with 20-liter capacity. This is an 800-watt microwave oven that is helpful for preparing meals for medium size family.

Most microwave ovens come with 10 power levels but Sharp R-20MT has only 5 power levels so it can be a drawback in this unit as well. But it has many advanced features that enable this microwave oven to deliver the best cooking performance.

When it comes to look of Sharp R-20MT then I will say that the look of this microwave oven will surely advance the look of your kitchen. It has silver color with grey painted cavity.

Sharp R-20MT 20-Liter 800W Microwave Oven

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FAQs on Sharp 800-Watt Microwave Oven, 220V

Can I use this Sharp R-20MT microwave for baking?

Yes. Some people used it for boiling eggs as well.

According to product description, the unit is not made for USA, what does it mean?

It means the microwave plug is not compatible with outlets used in the USA. The microwave is perfect for use in Asian countries.

Does this microwave have a UK plug?

I’m not familiar with the UK plug, but it comes with three-prong plug. Such plugs are not compatible with USA based outlets.

What is the frequency of this Sharp microwave?

It has 50Hz frequency.

Is the height is less than 280MM?

Yes, the microwave height is less than 280MM.

Users Reviews On Sharp 220V Microwave Oven

I checked this 800W microwave on Amazon, it has some negative reviews. So please be careful to it. I will say that please research more on this before you buy it.

An Amazon user says that it has fire hazard, so do not buy it. Further, he says that he only used this microwave for one year. After one year, it started giving many problems. Now, he is unable to contact Amazon because Amazon doesn’t allow to contact if it passed more than one year.

One user is very happy having received this Sharp 800W microwave oven. He says that he got timely delivery of the product. Sharp R-20MT microwave delivers good performance. The customer service team is quick to respond.


  • Good for use in Asia
  • 20-liter capacity
  • 800-watt cooking power
  • Looks attractive in silver color
  • 255-mm diameter turntable
  • Grey painted cavity


  • A user complained that it is a fire hazard. He was not able to use the microwave after one year.

Conclusion Sharp 20-Liter Microwave Oven

In short, Sharp R-20MT is an average performance microwave, which is not made for use in the USA. Since it comes with a different connection socket, so it can’t be used with the USA based home outlets. In case, you want to use it in international countries, you won’t get any problems.

For the performance, I will say that please research more on this because it has both happy and unhappy customers.

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