Panasonic Consumer 1.2Cf 1200W Microwave

Panasonic Consumer 1.2Cf 1200W MicrowavePanasonic Consumer 1.2 CF 1200W Microwave oven has 1200 watts of cooking power that is really impressive power to cook food rapidly and evenly. It has 1.2 cubic feet interior that is good to accommodate too many dishes, large dinner plates and food packets.

Further, it comes with pop-out dial with button panel, half mirror door stainless front, silver boy, one-touch sensor cooking, one-touch sensor reheat, inverter turbo defrost, 4-digit blue display, keep warm settings, popcorn key, quick minute and more/less control for all your cooking convenience.

Panasonic NN-SD681S is an impressive microwave oven that has gotten good popularity. The Panasonic countertop microwave is based on the patented inverter technology for the greatest cooking result.

Since this Panasonic microwave features 1.2 cu. ft. interior so it is good for a medium size family. It can easily fit a large size food item. And the price of this microwave is also very affordable.

As the microwave uses patented inverter technology so it delivers even cooking result with delicious flavor. And it comes with inverter Turbo defrost feature for the quick defrosting.

The outside dimensions are 12 1/4-inch height, 20 11/16-inch width and 16 5/16-inch depth. And the weight of this microwave oven is just 25.3 lbs. Since it is a lightweight microwave oven so it has a compact design, which is good if you want place this microwave from one place to other.

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