How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa is now one of the fantastic types of food that have won the hearts of many consumers. It’s now the leading food that never misses in most kitchens. It the many health benefits that it accords that has earned it a better space in the kitchen. You will admire the nutty flavor, earthy, and a bit bitter taste.

You may be wondering about how you can cook the sweet-tasting quinoa! Stick to his guide that will help you in doing eh right thing. You need to cook quinoa correctly. It’s the reason why you need to be careful with every step. Never skip any step lest you get something else that won’t taste like the quinoa. Notably, the steps involved in cooking quinoa is far similar to levels for cooking rice. They all employ the simmering method.

How to cook quinoa

 Follow the steps below for delicious quinoa.

  • Start by soaking and rinsing the quinoa. Cover it in a bowl of cold water for at least two minutes so that it gets rids of the outer shell. The next step is now to rinse it in a fine-mesh strainer. The process will take at least 30 seconds. After cleaning, you will want to drain excess water before transferring the quinoa into the cooking pot.
  • The next stage is essential in cooking delicious quinoa. It’s now time to simmer the quinoa. You will do simmering using the liquid of your choice. You should not forget to add some salt. Add two cups of fluid for every cup of quinoa. Ensure that the water boils correctly in a saucepan. Once the water boils well, you will then cover the pan and reduce the heat to medium-low heat. It will allow the liquid to simmer the quinoa.
  • You will need to be patient here. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes as you check until all the liquids absorb into the quinoa. Ensure that it absorbs all, if not, you can still retain the low heat until all liquid is incorporated correctly.
  • Now the last stage is to turn off the heat. Cover the cooked quinoa and allow at least five minutes to allow for complete absorption of liquid. It will also allow the steam and heat to complete the cooking process. A well-cooked seed is translucent in appearance.
  • Now use a fork to separate and fluff up the quinoa before you initiate serving!


Notably, the process of cooking quinoa resembles the steps that everyone follows when cooking rice! They are very straightforward ways that will deliver delicious quinoa for you! Stick to these steps, and you will be a barista for cooking quinoa.

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