How to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Do you value cooking sweet potatoes? Or you don’t have the right way to cook them? There are straightforward ways to cook delicious sweet potatoes. It will change the way you think about sweet potatoes. It will improve your love for sweet potatoes. Notably, there is a smart way to prepare very delicious sweet potatoes. In the end, you will be impressed with the results, and you will always be craving for more sweet potatoes. Let’s consider the three simple steps that will deliver very delicious sweet potato for you!

How to cook sweet potatoes

  • To start with, we advise that you choose thinner sweet potatoes. It might be controversial, but for sure, it’s always smart to select the thinness sweet potatoes. Research tells that they are the most delicious. They evenly cook. It makes it easy to be accurate oolong timing. You will need all of them to be hot, unlike the fat potatoes, you will be having troubles with even heating for the outer layers will bready before the heat gets to the inner parts.
  • The next step is now to pork some holes on your sweet potato. You will not need a few holes here. Make sure you use e a knife for more exceptional holes. It will help dispatch the heat to speed all over hence enhancing uniform coking. The moisture will also escape; therefore, you will not end up steaming the potato. Ensure that you do it in a way that will make your sweet potato to appear appealing. It’s a lovely way to have delicious sweet potatoes.
  • Once you are ready to get started with this, you can now consider heating to 450 degrees Fahrenheit you can use an oven or any non- preheated oven. The stove is the best choice for it can even cook the sweet potatoes. The oven s also an energy-saving heater that will deliver double convenience. Always don’t bake it with high temperatures, lest it caramelizes the natural sugars in the sweet potatoes.
  • It is advisable to cook at high temperatures above 200 degree Celsius. Cut the sweet potatoes into wedges and make them thick as you wish
  • Combine the wedges with a Harris, chipotle or even the barbecue seasoning. You will toss everything together with oil.
  • The thickness of the wedges will determine the time it will take for them to cook effectively.
  • Your sweet potatoes are now ready, and you can serve them with a soured cream!


Cooking sweet potatoes is very simple. Following all the right steps for cooing sweet potatoes will deliver the best flavors that will make you love the sweet potatoes.


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